Manual Camping Isnt For Cowards

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  1. Tent Camping Isn’t for Cowards
  2. Base Campers, cowards in disguise.
  3. fighting selfish camp cowards
  4. fighting selfish camp cowards - Locked Thread Archive - World of Tanks official Asia Forums

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If you are willing to take the risk, garages can be counted as a PUBG best building type not only because of the likelihood of it including a vehicle, but because it can also be an effective way of infiltrating a building undetected. Opening and closing doors creates noise, but some garages will grant you entry without opening any doors at all. That said, that is something to bear in mind if this you intend to use this type of structure as you hideout: other players can gain entry this way, too. This is another reason why smaller settlements are a good idea: the PUBG best buildings for cowards are ones with as few entrances as possible.

Fewer entry points mean fewer places to anxiously point your gun towards if you have chosen such a building as a camping spot. Vests and helmets are always handy to equip, but the PUBG best clothes you can get your hands on do not necessarily add to your defensive stats. Coats, long-sleeved tops, and trousers can complement your look with vests and helmets, but make sure you pick something that is the right colour.

Tent Camping Isn’t for Cowards

All players should aim to blend into the environment, not stand out. Avoid light and bright colours like red and white when choosing your battle royale outfit. Look for camo, black, and grey threads. Keeping the decibel level to a minimum is vital, but avoiding loud clothing can be just as important.

When it comes to the PUBG best places to drop, the combat-phobic should always avoid established settlements like Georgopol and Pochinki. Lots of players gravitate towards them, chasing dreams of high level loot.

Base Campers, cowards in disguise.

The best PUBG places to drop for cowards tend to be the forgotten scatterings of buildings separate from the main, named areas. Areas with a few buildings rather than full-sized towns might have a lower chance of the best gear, but they come with a lower chance of premature death. These drop spots should provide enough loot to get started before you can fiendishly scavenge the bodies of the less fortunate, but if you are getting frustrated with a lack of gear, Gatka and Stalber are relatively small named areas that are less high risk. If you are playing solo, all other players pose an existential threat.

fighting selfish camp cowards

Being bounced back to the game lobby on death is annoying at the best of times, so having it happen straight away can be infuriating. That is why the best place to drop is anywhere other players are not. I went crazy on Erlen Berg yesterday. I took the north flank single handed as no one defended it they all rushed to camp the middle ridge. Sure enough a strong opfor continent shows up and I light then up, and call for help.

Best places to drop in PUBG

After 5 minutes of fighting against a couple of es and is6 etc, NOT ONE of my team had moved from the ridge to come and help Edited by Riverwolf , 26 October - PM. It's more rampant in higher tiers. Particularly tier X. Tier 7 and below is pretty good for action. Base camping can actually be a good thing.

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I camp the base in my deathstar on both Abbey and Lakeville. You should play komarin on tear The southern team hide in the bottom right corner for the game and ultimately die as the rest of the team has been blown to pieces trying to stop double their number of tanks. You need some campers to give you cover but there are a growing number now. I get disgusted with the campers on abbey.

They base camp and typically it's just me, and maybe one other tank, working the west flank. Doesn't matter if I spawn on north or south side. Then, amazingly the west flank collapses when I run into oncoming reds. Only to watch the base campers get picked apart from the high ground on the west side of the map. Base campers on that map frustrate me probably more than any other map. Riverwolf , on 26 October - PM, said: i don't mind it if a guy wants to sit back there in a heavy.

This question is all grey cos their is value in someone staying back at base with all the base capping going on at the mo. I hate people who rush and then get owned in a high Value Tank. My concern was that he did NOT say you did only fire damage which is what you claimed.

Do you see the difference? Whether you did 14,6 k damage or - say - 20k damage It so easy nowadays to distinguish a good from a bad player. A good player camping is actually camping on a useful position where he can deal damage whereas bad players just camp for the sake of not taking damage. Huge difference there.


NothingButTheRain your last screenshot where you drew your path of that game just implies you were as far as possible from any enemy threats and inable to do a lot of damage. Because your positioning was bad. Why go to a cap your team already has? Ofcourse the enemies there are going to run away so youll be effectively chasing some enemy ships while your points tick away.

Why didnt you go to another cap? Youre a missouri. You have radar. You can deal with 1 destroyer. NothingButTheRain your last screenshot where you drew your path of that game just implies you where as far as possible from any enemy threats and inable to do a lot of damage. When this screenshot was taken, we got the cap perhaps due to me being near that cap in the first place.

The enemy DD apparently was pushing outside the cap and ended up 6km from me it was the OMNI DD player, by chance, so he knew a bit about the situation here , so was not running away from us. Still unfortunate for me to have took those torps instead of those campers who did nothing to help cap that cap, the cap was lost shortly afterwards I had to cloak to repair etc despite ALL other BBs being at C My respective post 52 which we are arguing about right now had nothing to do with your OP but was an answer to your post 37 which in turn was your answer to wilkatis post 32 where you accused him of saying something he didn't.

The fact that you did very low damage is not meaningless. But it is meaningless to argue about whether you did 14,6 k, 15 k or whatever amount of damage you finally did because it doesn't change the fact. By "balanced" I mean they were doing a better job playing a battleship in a decent position than you did. You were outright yoloing, and even surviving is lucky.

fighting selfish camp cowards - Locked Thread Archive - World of Tanks official Asia Forums

They weren't cowardly. Maybe cautious, but since they're in the middle of the map, getting closer is dangerous. A little bit they could stand, but the way the islands are placed, that's kind of hard.

go here They were in a decent position to defend both A and B. Not great, but decent. They were at the very least on the C line, not the B or A line you see most campers. Also, you had the A cap, so there's no reason to push that. B cap was red, but there were no allies capable of taking that cap without a too high risk.

The best would be to wait until the C cap fight ended, and maybe try to support that as well, and then go for B. But as I said, it's a bit hard to analyse a map based on a few screens, and it's always easy to spot how players should have played. However, from how the game looked, their decision to stay at that area wasn't potato. I was trying to illustrate my very selfish and cowardly way of playing the game staying WAY behind my teammates on purpose, and getting better rewards for it.

I know how you feel. I offen get ''rewarded'' for my efforts of trying and end up like a living shield for my ''team''. You shouldnt waste you energy on battles like this. Its summer vacation for kids and we cant do nothing about it. Exept we could reduce our time in game or at least play in some early hours, like in morning when the air is a bit freshier.