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Mi Amo ends on a somber note as Mira and Giovanni are separated by circumstances beyond their control. Waiting for book two was a lesson in patience. Giovanni Battaglia is the charismatic don of an Italian mafia family and he marches to the beat of his own drum. He respects traditions but is not ruled by them as evidenced when he falls in love with a woman who is not from an Italian background, but in fact a black American woman.

He makes no apologies for who he loves and loves her fiercely enough to break with generations of tradition. I was captivated by this story because the whole plot reads like a movie script. The main plot of Giovanni and Mira's love story is like a tree with many branches and involves some interesting subplots. There is a sophisticated complexity with many players involved.

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Mynx successfully keeps each subplot connected to the next and commands the reader's interest throughout every scene. Another interesting point about the novel is that nearly every character has a secret with a domino effect that could lead to far reaching consequences for themselves and others in the family. This book does not give you a moment for wool gathering and honestly, I barely wanted to blink because the story is just that good. I couldn't read it fast enough because I wanted to see what would unfold next. There are parts of the story that require a bit of concentration but as with any good plot, it means keeping abreast of the many characters and their role as the story takes shape.

I've read several novels by Sienna Mynx and I am always astounded by how interesting and multifaceted her books are. The more layers to the plots, the better the experience and Mynx masterfully manages to keep the whole story very engaging and entertaining. I can't say enough about the Battaglia Series and can't wait to see what book three will bring.

Recommended Reads. They may be Seals accustomed to facing tough enemies but their women reduce them to incoherent males. The novels feature entertaining stories with light and fun plots. All three novels are heavily laced with BDSM references and readers are in for some very erotic scenes. The stories are not complex and while the couples are going through various tough issues, they can laugh at themselves during some of their worst dilemmas. It would be difficult to choose a story I found more appealing than the other. Infatuation has a tiny edge, possibly due to my empathy for Kade after being injured and how devastated he seemed when he returned.

All three male characters are Doms while the female characters are their subs. All three are strong women who are happy to surrender their pleasure in the bedroom to the men. This is a great collection of stories that the author advises may require a tall glass of water while reading. In Infatuation , Shannon and Kade deny their feelings for each other until passion takes over. Kade is injured during a mission and the man Shannon fell for is lost. Can her love bring him back or will they lose the love they just found?

He still loves her but they married young and didn't have the knowledge to make their marriage work. Both are more mature now and Deke is determined to make his marriage stick this time or die trying. Finally in Surrender , Malachi is guilt ridden over his feelings for army widow Amanda Forrester. Her husband is gone but he feels as if he's poaching. When Amanda makes the first move, Malachi realizes that there is no rationalizing love. Life is too short for regrets and if Amanda is ready to move on, then he's ready to be the kind of husband she's always wanted. The female lead character Vries St.

John is a cross between a "Charlie's Angel," and a "Bond girl". She is the epitome of beauty and brains with the ability to literally stop a man's heart with just one touch.

I loved the role reversal in that the big, hulking man is being protected by this waiflike supermodel agent. With all the action comes some comical scenes and one in particular when Vries and Leo are attacked while in the limo and Vries pulls Leo to the limo floor and uses her body to shield him from a barrage of bullets aimed for him.

It reads as very comical but Leo was far from amused to say the least.

Her Midnight Ride: Bar, Bike, Bed (BWWM erotic romance)

It is at that point that Vries' cover is blown and Leo blows his top. This is also an enjoyable read because while Vries and Leo are mature lovers, they exhibit an intensity and passion that is ageless.

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Vries St. John is a high fashion model, government operative and assassin. Her cases are usually straightforward; take out the bad guy. Her most current assignment is difference though because this time she has to protect someone. She is assigned to protect Russian magnate Leo Azhikelyamov, a man she has feelings for. Her mission is particularly sensitive because she has to protect him without his knowing. Leo successfully built an empire from questionable deals with the Russian Government and now wants to give back to the economy that made him wealthy.

However, those in power don't share his vision and instead have marked Leo for death. Vries knows this mission would be unique because she never guarded someone she cared about.

BWWM Interracial Bundle: 4 Sizzling Stories - Aaliyah Jackson - ebook - Legimi online

Their long held feelings run unchecked as they spend time together and Vries soon succumbs to her feelings for Leo. When Vries is seriously hurt while guarding him, Leo takes on the role of protector. His integrity is important but not as important as the woman who has come to mean so much to him. He is willing to sacrifice his wealth but he won't lose Vries now that she's become the most important person in his life. Heaven Sent by Mahalia Levey.

Her Midnight Ride: Bar, Bike, Bed (BWWM Erotic Romance) -

Heaven Sent by Mahalia Levey is a contemporary romance that starts on a seemingly serene note then suddenly switches to an attention grabbing scene involving the lead female character Mia and her daughter as they are caught in a multi-vehicle accident. It seems as if Mia's story is over before it even begins but then it takes an upturn. A first responder on the scene, Dire Sylis, takes an interest in Mia and her daughter's welfare and sees them through this terrible experience.

This is a fairly quick read and what I enjoyed most about the book was the idea that from bad experiences can come some really rewarding ones. Mia was not looking to find love again but she does in a most unusual way.

Dire's character is a perfect match for Mia. He's serious about his job but light-hearted enough to mellow out her more somber personality. The chemistry between them is believable. It seemed inevitable that Mia would give in, as resisting Dire is futile and really not what she wanted to do. Again, this is a quick and fun read with very likeable characters. Mia is a widow raising a teen daughter, Ashland. Their lives are changed when they are both victims of an accident. Ashland is unharmed but Mia suffers a concussion and significant bruises.

Dire Sylis is a firefighter on the scene who has taken an immediate attachment to the beautiful widow and her spunky daughter.

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Mia is skeptical that he could be seriously interested in her considering her bruised and battered state, but his consistency and gently coaxing persuade her to give him a chance. Mia is very worried about getting involved with another man who has a dangerous job as her husband was a soldier who died while away on assignment. Dire's job as a firefighter can be just as dangerous. However, there is something about Dire that makes Mia want to try again, despite his career.

Their courtship is short but they have what it takes to make it in a long-term relationship; love, laughter and a strong commitment to each other. Reading List. Flirting with Temptation by Stephanie Morris. Bear's Gold by Yvette Hines. Blackout in the Garden of Love by Venice Kennedy. Designing Love by Yvonne Nicolas.

PDF Girl with a One-Track Mind: Confessions of the Seductress Next Door

Golden Treasure by Yvette Hines. In the Moment by Vallory Vance. Island Bound by Kiru Taye. Jordan's Wings by Dariel Raye. So This is Love by Iris Deorre. She currently works for a major law firm in New York City. There is no such thing as free time in her hectic schedule but when she does take time to clear her head, it is usually to fill it with ideas for one of her many unfinished manuscripts or to pen a poem.

Susan has been reviewing novels for over three years at Romance in Color and feels honored at being given the opportunity to pay homage to authors who cultivate her desire to one day publish a novel as well.