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    Book awards: Spur Award

    New York, Minton, Balch and Company [c New Haven, Yale University Press, Urbana, The University of Illinois Press, Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences, Vol. New, Authentic, Complete. The evidence given for the characterization of Lee as an advocate of slavery is also suspect. Lee Considered is interesting and well written. It is a work calculated to provoke its readers, and it does that best of all.

    Seeing whether or not Nolan's conclusions survive in the "court" of public opinion will be almost as interesting as reading the book itself. World War I began with the armies of most of the great powers on the offensive.

    Almost everyone expected a war of movement, a war that would quickly reach a decisive conclusion. The most innovative of the war plans, the German Schlieffen Plan, failed as did most of the later ambitious attacks with distant objectives. Stalemated trench warfare became the order of the day on the western front, with the offense, especially when elastic defensive tactics were employed, usually suffering greater casualties. In the minds of many military theorists and popularizers of the Great War, the cult of the offensive was obsolete strategy. New military technology, especially improved artillery and rapid-fire weapons, shifted the balance in favor of the defense.

    The bloody American Civil War, the first modern war should have served as a portent for the future, since it was fought with improved weapons, trench systems and railroads. Yet the European generals failed to grasp the obvious, especially the advantage that improved weapons gave the defense over the offense, with the infantry paying the price on the corpse-strewn battlefields of Europe.

    Paddy Griffith, a native of Liverpool and now senior lecturer in war studies at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, England, has written a fascinating book that brings the above analysis into serious question. To Griffith there are precious few "lessons" to be learned from this American conflict that have relevance for World War I. He views the Civil War as the last of the Napoleonic wars rather than the first modern war. Griffith has an important advantage over many Americans who write about the Civil War.

    First, he has a profound understanding of tactics. Second, and most importantly, he is able to write from a broad perspective.