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Parsons's debut is a tour-de-force, a justifiably showy demonstration of the author's chameleon-like ability to write in several genres all at once, and it emerges as one of the scariest and bleakest tales I can remember. Parsons has created a site for the book with sample chapters, a prologue, and additional material intended for an accompanying alternate reality game.

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The author was kind enough to supply us with an online version of the prologue and chapter one of Liminal States. This is a rare opportunity to save […] READ THE REST Learning to See the Commons [[Generations of propaganda about the instability of "the commons" and the desirability of assigning property rights in everything has led the human race into a very dark place: now, two scholars, David Bollier and Silke Helfrich, have published Free, Fair and Alive , which offers a critique of the "Tragedy," case studies of working commons, and a path to a better world based on shared resources and commons-based production.

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Fortunately, it mostly lived up to my expectations.

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For those of you who may be interested in the book, beware, there are spoilers ahead. To make my recommendation notes short: While the story draws off a taproot of science fiction and horror, its three acts are presented as different genres: western, detective, and thriller. My only real problem with it is that parts of the book are slow reading especially towards the end of the second act. Otherwise, the prose is technically excellent and occasionally beautiful.

The liminality period was divided into three parts by van Gennep, and each act in the book parallels the transition through each of these periods. The key to immortality in this case is a milky fountain in a cliffside dwelling, guarded by a grasshopper idol. Long finds immortality willfully, if accidentally, while Groves is literally dragged kicking and screaming to it by Long, no less.

Groves and a posse set out to stop the burglary, even though Annie is in the midst of childbirth.

While Groves and his gang foil the robbery, he returns home to find Annie dead. Long, mortally wounded in the burglary, wanders into the desert where he eventually ends up finding immortality.

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Long takes vengeance by forcing Groves to become immortal as well. Anyway, back to the concept of the liminality event. The opening act covers the preliminal rite stage. This stage consists of an abrupt break with previous habits through a metaphysical ritual. The tendency of the pool to create extra copies also signals the metaphorical death of their individuality. Each clone is technically independent of one another, although they draw from a shared and branching set of memories, but each shares a common personality and generally works towards a similar goal.

The next stage is the liminal rite, in which the group creates a tabula rasa , a blank slate in which the group realizes that previous life experiences can no longer be applied to guide their futures. A Judge is appointed from one of the Groves clones to enforce the rules.

Christine Shannon Aaron : Exhibition Views : Liminal States: Beneath the Surface

The second and third acts of Liminal States are primarily concerned with the final stage, the postliminal rites. In this stage, initiates are reintegrated into society as a new being. While Groves is content to play by the rules set out during the liminal stage, Long now using the name Harlan Bishop is intent on subverting these rules as much as possible for his own gain.

The second act depicts Bishop slowly bringing the Groves clones under his control for his personal use, whether it be foot soldiers, armed guards, or maintenance men. By doing so, he amasses greater wealth over time, along with massive government influence. Warren Groves and Gideon Long serve as a beautiful study in contrasts. They have a similar upbringing, sons of abusive fathers. Their ways of dealing with the situation show up in their characters, even after a century of being immortal.

Groves murders his father after one beating too many and flees into the night.