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  1. What is a marijuana strain?
  2. UPG Presents Types of Medical Marijuana Strains
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What is a marijuana strain?

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Available Now. Harvested These strains have already been harvested and are currently undergoing curing, independent third-party lab testing, quality control, or packaging. Growing The following strains are currently in flower. Get started!


UPG Presents Types of Medical Marijuana Strains

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This Strain is Straight Purple !!! ( Koolato )

Medical marijuana is based on two different species of marijuana, Indica and Sativa as well as hybrids that mix the two. Dispensaries will always tell you what strain you are buying; in fact, it is required to be labeled on the jar.

Hybrids try to capture the best of both these strains. On your first trip to the dispensary, you will probably notice or have noticed already the creative names that medical marijuana strains have.

This can be entertaining, but it makes it hard to pick a strain — can something called White Widow really relieve muscle spasms? Patients and researchers say that it can so try to put aside the names and focus on what really counts — symptom relief. Here are a few of the most popular medical marijuana strains to try based on the conditions they treat.

Strains | Potbotics

Potency: THC Hint of lime green with hairs spread thoroughly throughout the bud. Crystals very uniform looking on the inside. Crystals caked near stem of the bud.

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Smell:Very piney. Almost like walking through a forest Taste: Taste like the smell with a very […]. It has to be one of the best smells […].

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Smell: Has a very diesel scent to it also a very strong skunk and catpiss smell. Looks: It looks different shades of Bright Green, dense, small, circular, popcorn sized nugs,. Extremely Floral A hint of Rose , Pungent. Smell: Very strong smell, will stink up my whole house if the jar is opened inside for longer than 5 minutes.