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This moving book tells the compelling true story of three women who hid their pregnancies, gave birth in a Nazi concentration camp, and survived along with their infants.

When the world's leading Arthur Conan Doyle scholar is found murdered, recent Sherlock Holmes enthusiast society inductee Harold White takes up the search for the killer. In this rip-roaring adventure story, a no-nonsense teenage girl hires a tough U. Introverts like to listen, read, and work on their own. In this book, Cain argues that it is the quiet ones that society undervalues the most, and she provides convincing examples of the significant contributions made by successful introverts.

High suspense and sharp prose highlight this electrifying police procedural. Billy Graves is marking time on night duty when he catches a case that threatens his career, friends, and family. A gritty, darkly humorous and compelling examination of justice and vengeance. A creature one would think has not much in common with us, the octopus species has remarkably different personalities. They are intelligent, affectionate, playful, and even sneaky think Fido on the forbidden couch, after you leave the house.

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An enchanting National Book Award Finalist. A moving tale of familial love and loss that examines the bonds of sisterhood. For full impact, avoid reading spoilers. A fast-paced story of a transport plane, carrying 24 officers and enlisted men and women, that crashed in the South Pacific during World War II. Three survived, only to face a harrowing journey of survival in the jungle until they could be rescued.

This novel follows four female Harvard alums as they approach their 25th reunion. Harvard's infamous Red Book of alumni updates features prominently, as the women write their own mini-biographies and struggle to make the story they tell the world reflect their reality. Contemporary Fiction; Women's Relationships. A creepy woods in Vermont and strange disappearances past and present give this literary novel about mothers and daughters an air of unsettling spookiness and suspense.

In this classic mystery, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson take a case involving a mysterious death and a terrible family legend about a ghostly hound on the menacing moor. Inspired by the film The Magnificent Seven , Nayeli and her three friends leave their tiny Mexican village to bring home seven men to protect their home. As Nayeli marches north, she finds far more than she'd been looking for. Humorous Fiction; Multicultural; Rollicking Adventure. The very strange Blackwoods—year-old Mary Katherine who narrates the story , her sister Constance, and their uncle Julian—live in seclusion in their family mansion, scorned by the townspeople who fear them following a horrific event.

A creepy contemporary classic. Dramatic and heartbreaking, Moloka'i follows the life of Rachel Kalama. As a child she is sent to a leper colony, where she grows to adulthood and marries, gaining and losing friends and family along the way. Historical Fiction; Strong Sense of Place. It is an unbelievable tale of exploration and incredible hardship as he and his men discover an unmapped tributary of the Amazon river.

Vintage Atwood, these brilliant and original nine tales epitomize the famous saying that "growing old ain't for sissies. An amusing memoir by a diplomat's wife, about her three years living in Paris. After her husband is sent to Iraq for a year-long assignment, Ann Mah adapts to her new life by immersing herself in the local culture, traveling around the country, and exploring the history and food of France.

The Report by Jessica Francis Kane. A quietly dramatic novel that imagines the cause of a real-life disaster in London, in which people were crushed and killed while trying to enter a Tube station for safety during the Blitz. Sad and thought-provoking. A darkly humorous book about two brothers, Harry and George, and how their lives are forever changed after a crisis. Harold is thrust into the new role as caregiver to his parents, father to his brother's children all the while transforming his own life and not repeating the mistakes of his past.

This riveting account of the search for John Wilkes Booth is unexpectedly suspenseful, given that we know the outcome of the chase. An extra-terrestrial comes to Earth with a mission to save humans from themselves.

The Radical Origins of Christianity

Thought-provoking and darkly humorous. In , Congress passed legislation to fund travel to France for mothers of fallen soldiers of World War I so they could visit their sons' graves. This novel is the story of a group of mothers who made the emotional journey. Some cadavers lead quite interesting lives after death, as Mary Roach demonstrates in this witty and informative, funny yet respectful work of nonfiction. Funny and irreverent and shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

How often does that happen with a Western? Set in the early s a woman sets off on a journey to discover an archaeological treasure. History, politics and art play a role in this story of discovery that could not only change history, but also the lives of those involved.

Armageddon is coming, but demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale have become friends and Baby Satan was misplaced—now what? This collaboration by Brits Gaiman and Pratchett has been called "irreverently funny and unexpectedly wise. Humorous Fantasy; British Humor; Upbeat. The story of a young wife and mother living a quiet existence on a failing farm in Tennessee experiences something she cannot explain. Her discovery opens up her narrow world and causes her to be caught up in the center of a conflict and in a fight for the truth.

When Will Allen developed an urban farm in Milwaukee, he addressed several issues in one fell swoop: the urban food desert, public health, racism, and unemployment. Inspiring and informative. Two couples meet for dinner at a trendy restaurant in Amsterdam to discuss a tragic incident involving their teenage children. A dark and controversial international bestseller of high suspense. In this suspenseful and intricately plotted novel, sixth grader Miranda finds herself in the midst of a mysterious situation involving secret notes and time travel.

Lifetime/Odyssey True Movies

The Newbery Medal winner. Not just for kids. Matriarch Rosa Achmetowna narrates the story of three generations of women in this funny but dark black comedy that takes unexpected and increasingly tragic turns as the dysfunctional ties that bind become unraveled. Literary Fiction; International Fiction; Irreverent. The story of a son and his mother who create a book club after she is diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.

Over the course of two years they discuss not only books, but life as well, and become closer. After years of estrangement, Noah visits his stoic father, a shipwreck survivor, near the end of his life. World-renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson chronicles his life from early childhood in Ethiopia to his formative years in Sweden to his rousing culinary success in the United States. The story of a utopian community, told through the eyes of Bit, whose parents were founding members.

A lyrical and beautifully told coming-of-age story. Literary Fiction; Coming-of-Age Stories. In this witty, timeless comedy of manners, the charming Bennet sisters seek the perfect husband. A sprightly commentary on society and marriage in Regency England. When a fifteen year old boy forwards a video to his friends sent to him by his girlfriend the resulting scandal threatens the calm and security of his family.

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Set in Manhattan this modern story reveals how one innocent mistake can be impacted by twenty-first century technology. A polio epidemic is raging through Newark, New Jersey, in the summer of , and fear of contagion and rumors about the spread of the disease keep many children inside. This book vividly captures the climate of fear and hostility the epidemic engenders and the toll that guilt takes on the psyche. Historical Fiction; Literary Fiction.

Mystery; Psychological; Bleak; Haunting; Compelling. This understated, yet devastating, nonfiction account by journalist John Hersey tells the stories of six survivors of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Set in the Pacific Northwest during the flu epidemic, this novel is about love, family, friendship, patriotism, and community.

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Each becomes threatened when the town of Commonwealth, still uninfected, votes to quarantine itself against the deadly illness by posting guards at the single road that leads in and out of town. She narrates this story about her unusual family and their unexpected talents. This lyrical novel, infused with magical realism, captures the sweet and sour flavor of family life.

Set in during the dawn of the hydroelectric power era in Niagara Falls, this novel tells the story of Bess and Tom and their commitment to each other, as well as the history and power of the falls.

North Dakota Court System - Order of Adoption

Written in , this classic account of the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, , remains one of the most popular books about the disaster. An old woman comes to Seoul to visit her children. At a busy train station she is separated from her husband and lost. While the family looks for their mother, they reflect on her life and their relationship to her. The novel represents the contrast between old and new in Korea and is the author's first book to be translated to English. Literary Fiction; Domestic Fiction. Inspired by Victorian explorer Ewart Grogan, the author sets out on a similar journey, a 4, mile walk across Africa through eight countries.

When Octavia learns that her estranged son has been arrested for murder, she abandons the manuscript of her latest book to reconcile with him. Complex, layered, and emotionally charged.

The Loeb Editor's Notes:

In this fictional memoir, yr old Sydney is dying and decides to tell her son about an early part of her life, starting with her time as a swimmer when she attended the Olympics in Berlin and fell in love with an assistant to Leni Riefenstahl. Entertaining and thought-provoking. Historical Fiction; Sports and Romance. Following a family tragedy, Agnes Shanklin leaves behind her life as a spinster schoolteacher and begins an unforgettable journey. She travels to Egypt, with her newly adopted dog Rosie, and finds herself in the middle of the Cairo Peace Conference where she meets T.

Lawrence and Winston Churchill.